Care and Cleaning

Congratulations on the purchase of your new G-Series pool table. We take great pride in producing the most exclusive and exciting designer products in the world.
To ensure your product maintains its quality appearance for years to come, you must take note of the following.
Contact Elite Innovations if you require us to assist you in purchasing the required cleaning products. Our playing surface cleaning products are all available from mainstream automotive supplies stores.
Pool table care instructions

– Do not use any cleaning products on the playing surface, other than the Vitrik Polishing agent or products we recommend below.

– Meguiars ‘Gold Class liquid wax’ is the best product available for cleaning and maintaining the surface.  Apply on a weekly basis – based on standard play. It can also be used to remove light marks on the surface. Do this more frequently if used heavily. For example, before and after an event. Polish the balls when you polish the surface.

– Bottom surface of glass can be cleaned with standard glass cleaning products.

– In order to prevent marking the Vitrik playing surface, please take care to prevent sharp objects contacting the surface.

– Do not sit or stand on the playing area.

– Do not hit balls other than the chrome ‘white ball’ with the cue, doing so will mark the Vitrik surface. The Chrome ball does not mark the Vitrik surface, the other balls can.

– Only the Billiard balls supplied by Elite Innovations can be used on the Vitrik playing surface as these have been specifically made to suit the characteristics of the material.

– Do not rub or drag balls over the surface as it may permanently mark the surface.

– Pool table cushions can be cleaned with a standard upholstery cleaner, test for colour fastness in a nonvisible area first and be careful not to get any on the transparent playing surface.

– Pool table frame work can be cleaned with gentle surface cleaners.