A pool table with ultra minimalist lines combined with no-compromise heavy duty construction for an unobstructed view through the crystal clear playing area and accurate game play.

Features a secondary transparent coated glass layer under the playing surface to make a feature of pocketed balls. Dropping onto a clear pad, they then roll silently under the playing area to one end, giving a gorgeous floating effect.

Our pool tables feature the latest innovation in pool tables: a 15mm (0.6”) thick glass top with our proprietary transparent Vitrik playing surface on top. This is an innovation that replaces the traditional felt/cloth fabric stretched over a sheet of machined/honed slate.

The transparent Vitrik surface gives rolling resistance to the balls and allows spin/English while also providing total impact protection from game play to the glass underneath as well as allowing the balls to roll smoothly and quietly. See our videos page for a demonstration of the ball behaviour – it must be seen to be believed, it is truly a spectacular experience.

The glass bed under the playing surface is thick monolithic float glass, an inherently rigid, flat and consistent material levelled by gravity in the production process. With the transparent Vitrik top layer, this makes it an ideal material for a pool table. Unlike slate, it isn’t machined to make it flat and isn’t prone to sagging or absorbing moisture.

Vitrik retains consistent roll characteristics over its entire lifetime, unlike cloth, which varies with wear, damage, chalk build up and whether it has been brushed recently.

We provide our own custom ball set that is optimised to work with Vitrik.

If your Vitrik surface is damaged or is worn from heavy usage it can be re-covered onsite.

Convertible to a dining table with our optional 3 piece glass top.

Optional LED lighting creates a gentle glow under the table and a spectacular series of reflections under the playing area.

Available in 8′ x 4′ and 7′ x 3.5′ or any custom size (fees apply).

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All of our Pool Tables are Built with Love.

Generation Billiards has a passion of bringing the most exquisite pool tables to designers and people with a rich flair for their home and vacation cottages. Our design and quality is unsurpassed and the steel strength is the same method Lamborghini uses to make their wheels. Our glass is cut by water jet for precision and exposed edges are polished for that perfect finish. We are very proud of what we can offer our clients thus far for their game rooms, and looking forward to new products for this room and the rest of the home in coming years. The future of modern Innovation is coming…

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