All of our Pool Tables are Built with Love.

Generation Billiards has a passion of bringing the most exquisite pool tables to designers and people with a rich flair for their home and vacation cottages. We are very proud of what we can offer our clients thus far for their game rooms, and looking forward to new products for this room and the rest of the home in coming years. The future of modern Innovation is coming…


Here is what our manufacturer has to say about these tables:
Our design and quality is innovative and unsurpassed, from complex CNC machine centres to one of the World’s best welders and machinists skilfully crafting each frame using only the best TIG welding process. Our steel is structural grade and our aluminium components are individually made from high quality billet aluminium is the same method Lamborghini uses to make their wheels. Our glass is cut by water jet for precision and exposed edges are polished for that perfect finish.



Entities that buy from  us:
Home Owners, Major TV Networks, Major Arenas, Design Firms, Athletes, Doctors, Hotels, Military Branches, Businesses, Vacation Homes, and Museums have all bought from Generation Billiards.   Some Tables may be in Stock, please call 402.438.4398