Our Mission

   You playing on your exquisite one of kind custom pool table today.

Designed as a statement in modern, the base and top are constructed of 1” ultra-clear glass and features the slimmest K-66 pool table bumpers in the world – just 1” tall and 1.75” deep. Creating elegant slim forms spaced from the playing area and creating an illusion of floating, the bumpers and pockets are a work of art.

Our pool tables combine ultra modern styling with patented technology – the playing area features the all-new Levian crystal clear playing surface atop premium quality 1″ ultra clear monolithic float glass. Replicating the play characteristics of standard cloth and slate surfaces with incredible durability and clarity, Levian is a rubber-like 0.067”(1.7mm) coating that allows the included standard regulation Aramith 2.25″ balls to roll with stunning smoothness, quietness and accuracy.

Glass is naturally very rigid and flat and isn’t susceptible to sagging and warping so makes a great alternative to slate for a pool table. Our Levian coating thoroughly protects the glass top from the most severe ball impacts – see our videos page.

The experience of play on our tables is truly spectacular, please view our videos to witness.

Pocketed balls on the X1 Everest become a spectacle as they roll under the playing area on the ball return system of gently angled coated glass.

Our flagship, this work of art is made entirely with modern CNC, 3D printing and laser cutting; coupled with hand construction and finishing makes this a beautiful high end piece that commands attention in any bleeding-edge futuristic interior.

We fly our own professional in house craftsmen to your premises to ensure absolute care and the highest quality installation.

Available in 8’ x 4’ or any custom size (fees apply).

 Exquisite Pool Tables for the Perfect Billiards Room.

Elite  –  Hip  –  Elegant – Stylish  –  Modern  –  New-Age











All of our Pool Tables are Built with Love.

Generation Billiards has a passion of bringing the most exquisite pool tables to designers and people with a rich flair for their home and vacation cottages. Our design and quality is unsurpassed and the steel strength is the same method Lamborghini uses to make their wheels. Our glass is cut by water jet for precision and exposed edges are polished for that perfect finish. We are very proud of what we can offer our clients thus far for their game rooms, and looking forward to new products for this room and the rest of the home in coming years. The future of modern Innovation is coming…

The World’s Hottest Pool Tables.

You pick the style and we deliver!